Parrot AR Drone 2.0

It is a WiFi connection, controlled by an iPad or iPhone

Drone Hardware Architecture Overview

Three main components:
Mobile Node, Autopilot, Airframe


Frame, Propellers, Motors, ESCs, Battery, Voltage Regulator


Autopilot, GPS/Compass, RC TX/RX, Ground Control Station (GCS)

Mobile Node

Beaglebone Black, WiFi, USB Hub

AR Drone & Chips

The chips from bottom, The motor, A front facing camera, Propeller, The core circuit board

Agricultural Drone

The Hummingbirds are autonomous flying drones that scout large areas of land using sensors that identify soil that is rich in nutrients in hard to reach terrain that would otherwise be inaccessible through traditional agricultural techniques.


The MiniDrone is essentially a smaller version. It‘s got the same autonomous auto-pilot capabilities, making it super easy to control, and also has the ability to travel on ground with wheels.